Have faith in your ability and
no one is ever too old to learn new skills
if the desire to learn is still alive
Suzanne Vickery

This is the last line in Monday’s post with Suzanne of Global Housesitters.  She was speaking about being willing to try a new career in midlife or beyond.

None of us is ever too old to learn something new.  There are numerous stories of older people graduating college including this one of 99-year-old Doreetha Daniels.

My father continued to educate himself throughout his entire life.  When he wanted to build my Mother a house, he first went to school and learned how to draft up the plans.  He learned how to build each stage as he went along.  In his 30’s he went back to school to become a chef, graduating from the Culinary Institute of America while it was in New Haven, CT, before the school moved to Hyde Park, NY in 1972.  In the 1990’s, when he was in his 70’s, he started taking computer classes.  He was curious how they worked and wanted to know why everyone was using them.

That is what having the desire to learn is all about.  Continuing to learn, no matter want your age.  Being willing to try something new.  And you must first have the desire and have faith in your ability.