It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it’s vacation time.  I thought I would compile some of my best vacation posts for you to enjoy.  We all have different ideas on what makes a great vacation, where to go, and how to get there.  Whatever your vacation style, you will be able to have an awesome vacation with these 5 tips.  Maybe not all apply to your situation, but you should be able to find something here that works for you.

Taking the Right Vacation

We don’t all like to vacation the same way.  Some like to camp, others want to be pampered in a 5-star hotel. When it comes to your vacation time, it’s best to know what you like so you’ll actually enjoy your vacation.  It’s not just about pleasing everyone else in your family, you deserve to enjoy your vacation too.  Use these tips from Time to Take Your Vacation in order to make this a better experience for you.

Vacation the Right Way

Here’s another important tip about vacations, disconnecting.  Oh, yeah, it’s the hardest thing to do in this age of always on.  But an interesting thing happened this year when we took a cruise.  We didn’t want to pay the higher fees to have data on the ship, so we ended up only using our phones as cameras.  Even better?  The world didn’t end because I wasn’t online trying to manage everyone into place.  Check out How To Take A Vacation The Right Way for more tips on leaving work at the office.

Keep Everyone Entertained

Now, it’s easy just to pop in a movie or hand over a smartphone or a tablet and let the kids entertain themselves.  But why?  They probably already do that kind of thing at home.  Why bring it on the road with you when you can play some simple car games that even young children can participate in.  Even my husband and I enjoy playing car games to keep us entertained.  In (Car) Games To Get You On The Road Again, I share 4 different games and variations that can be played by anyone aged 8 and up or can even be modified for younger children.

Save Money on Meals

Chris and I like to vacation in places that have kitchens.  We use timeshares or hotel suites with kitchens.  By having a kitchen, we’re able to save a lot of money on food.   How To Save On Your Meals During Vacation details the kitchen boxes we create so we’re not wasting time or money buying kitchen staples.  This really relieves post vacation stress when the credit card bills come in.  Since we no longer eat out as much, they are much smaller.

For the Women

This one is for the women out there.  3 Solo Vacation Options for Women is a post that discusses travel options for women.  This includes solo options or ideas of things to do with your girlfriends or your partner.  These include getaways for skiing or hiking.  There is also a link to one of my favorite women’s on-line travel magazines.

I hope that you’re able to find value in these vacation options.  Now go and have a fun and safe vacation