I previously wrote about our creative habits and rituals in What Are Your Rituals For Creativity? New writers (and even not so new) sometimes struggle with wanting to find the perfect place, the perfect time or the perfect atmosphere in which to write. They dream of an office, a neat desk and/or peace and quiet.   But not everyone has access to all of these things or even wants to have all of these things. Instead, get inspired by these creative habits of bloggers who’ve found what and where works best for them.

How Neat Is Your Area?

Several bloggers say that they need to have a neat place to work.  Deb from Deb’s World likes her table to be neat and ordered before she sits down to write.  Everything she is going to need should be easily at hand.  She also prefers to start right after breakfast and usually takes exercise breaks every hour.  And just know, she doesn’t like interruptions.   Kaylee of Eclectic Nerd Chic also wants her space to be clear and organized.  In her words, a decluttered writing area “equals a clear flow of creativity.”  But all bets are off when she’s crafting, then it needs to be a free for all of creative-craziness.

Apparently, I like to be surrounded when I write.  When I was younger, I’d sit on the floor with books and notebooks piled on either side of me.  And now I sit at a desk with a small table on one side and a roll-out cart on the other.  Both are filled with books and notebooks. And there is nothing neat about all my piles.  (Surprisingly, when I worked in a corporate office, my desk needed to be neat and organized before I could start working.)

I also prefer to write in the morning, when my part of the world is still quiet.  On the other hand, Jess from Our Princess Castle prefers to write at night, at the darkest hours, in total silence.  But, she is currently in the process of training herself to be an afternoon writer to better balance her family needs.  Jess also likes to free write out her thoughts and feelings first and then use that as inspiration for her writing.

Must Have Coffee!

Let’s not forget coffee.  Coffee fuels a lot of writing hours.  From people who just need to drink it to others who need to drink it while writing in a coffee shop. I use coffee as a bribe to keep my husband out of my writing area because he’s a talker.  Orla of Fancy Paper Blog likes to start her writing with coffee.  When she has alone time, she loves to sit cross-legged on the floor with lots of cushions to prop her.  Or her other favorite place is a specific coffee shop.  Insomnia cafe at the back of a Penneys Primark store where she gets to stare at the underwear section while she writes.  She considers this creative bliss!

Or Chaos!

And don’t think that everyone needs to be alone and have it quiet in order to be creative.  Gary of Skipah’s Realm needs chaos in order to create.  When he’s home alone nothing happens, he can’t write.  But when his family is around and his wife is asking him if he’s done yet, he can steam ahead and pound out blog posts.

I hope this peek at how some bloggers work inspires you to write.  Just remember, don’t wait for “perfect” to start a writing habit.  You will find what works for you, but what works best is starting.  That’s the only way to figure it out!