There is a new documentary about Malala Yusafzay that came out in October 2015.  Below is a link to the official trailer for the movie, He Named Me Malala.

One child, one teacher,
One book and one pen,
They can change the world!
Malalah Yusafzay

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I love Malalah.  She’s such a brave young woman who was willing to stand up for her right to get an education.  In a previous post, I wrote about her book, I Am Malalah.  This time I want to share the documentary He Named Me Malala.  But every time I read about Malalah, I’m often struck by our own hypocrisy.

(Warning….I’m about to get on a soapbox and rant right here.  I will offend some people, and I’m sorry.  But, in keeping with being true to who I am and who I’ve become, I need to share my thoughts and cannot pretend to be someone that I’m not.)

We are outraged when we think Muslim nations oppress women and deny them education and marry girls off young.  Yet at the same time, we hold up as role models and praise the “values” of so-called Christians who do the same thing in our own country.   When we think it’s ok for someone to say their Christian religion doesn’t allow for women to get a college education then we are turning a blind eye and allowing the civil rights violations of these women.  It appears that in this country, religion used for oppression is acceptable only if you’re a Christian.

(Stepping off my soapbox and putting it back in the corner.)