I’m procrastinating.  It’s time to write a blog post and I’ve got nothing.  I’m tired.  I play on social media and Facebook blog groups instead of writing.  In my mind, it somehow takes less energy than actually writing.  Do you know how to conquer procrastination?

Usually, it’s dull things I procrastinate about–chores like dusting, vacuuming, laundry.  But today, I’m procrastinating over writing.  That doesn’t happen.  Writing has always been my go-to.  I even write while I’m on vacation because I enjoy doing it.  But it’s been a long week of taking care of Chris after his shoulder surgery, making sure he’s comfortable and not doing too much.  And making meals for both of us.  I married a chef so I wouldn’t have to do that.  But I’ll gladly do it for him because he is usually making fantastic meals for me every night.

So how do you conquer procrastination?  I think there are a few simple steps to take.

What Are You Avoiding?

The first step is to figure out what action you are avoiding.   For me, it’s writing a blog post.  What is it that you’re avoiding?  Do you need to call a client?  Exercise?  Clean?  Just figure out what you’re supposed to be doing, give it a name.

Put a Time on It

Now that you’ve figured out what you’re supposed to be doing, you need to figure out when you are going to do it.  It’s a simple step, just schedule a time for it.  No matter what time it is.  Just schedule it.  I scheduled it in for now.  Right now.  I need to have something that will post to my blog, so I need to work on it now.

Do Three Things to Help You Take Action

These aren’t meant to be big, out of this world actions.  Start with your why.  Why do you need to do this (I need to continue having regular blog posts for my readers.)  Then make sure that you’re set up for success.  For me, that means having my pen and journal that I start all my posts with.  It also means that my laptop is nearby and that I have a bottle of water.   If you’re going to call a client, you probably need a phone, plus any up to date info about that client and their needs along with something to take notes with.  Exercising?  Get the gym clothes, water bottle and music ready.  What three things do you need that will help you take the next step?  Get them ready.

Take a Deep Breath

Yeah, it helps to center yourself before plunging into something that you’ve been putting off.  So take a deep breath, a couple of yoga poses or even some visualization.  Do whatever helps you to come back to the present moment and feel grounded.

Just Do It

The end.
Ok.  Ok.  Not as easy as all that.  But just remember that the first four steps are there to help you get through the 5th step. Those steps are there to make it easier for you to take the plunge and do what you’ve been putting off.  It worked for me, do you know how I know that it did?  I just finished this blog post.