I’m going back into the vaults for some fun with this one.  Since we downsized (are still downsizing) I’m going through a lot of different boxes one at a time.  In one, I found a gold mine.  All, and I mean all, of my old writings.  Things like high school and college papers and all the doodlings, attempts at stories, and so many embarrassing love poems.  (So embarrassing, they had to be destroyed!)  But the biggest gold mine was a bunch of first lines that I wrote back in the 1970’s.  I was into mysteries and suspense stories then and thought that I should try writing them.  Do you have a favorite place because that’s what these first lines/opening sentences are all about?

I think this was supposed to be a mystery about someone being accused of insurance fraud, but then it turns out that’s not what happened.  Maybe someday, I’ll get back to it because I love these first two lines:  Our favorite place burned yesterday.  Our immediate plans included finding a new favorite place.

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