It’s late spring and graduation is in the air!  Schools and colleges are letting out and Seniors are wearing gowns, grasping diplomas and throwing caps into the air.  And with all my recent posts on going back to school, I thought it would be great fun to have you write a commencement speech as a creativity prompt.  No, listen!  I’m serious!  Imagine you’ve been asked to return to your alma mater and give the commencement speech for the graduating class.  Now write it.  Will you be serious?  Will you be funny?  Will you be both?  What advice do you wish to give to those graduating Seniors?  What guidance?  Do you have a commencement speech prepared?

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If you need some inspiration, then you can look to Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey, J.K.Rowling or Shonda Rhimes?  And how about Jimmy Fallon?  This past weekend he gave a surprise commencement speech at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.