I was asked the question today, “What is Your Daily Success Plan?” and realized that while I have one, I don’t follow it daily.  Which leads me down the path of stress and burnout — a place I’ve found myself in this past month.  In April, I set some goals for myself and the blog (April Goals) which I think added to that stress.  Let’s take a look at last month’s goals.

  • Move 30 minutes a day.  While I did get a couple of hikes in and managed a couple of days of yoga, I missed this goal.  And more exercise and movement continues to be something that I need to work on.
  • Specific Social Media Days.  This lasted about a week and then I found myself using everything less than before.
  • Add an Email Opt In.  Success.  I did add one, it’s at the bottom of every post.  I would prefer to move it to the sidebar and will work on that.  But I don’t have any plans at this time to make it a fly in.  Those annoy me on other sites and I close them out, so I didn’t want to do to others the very thing that annoys me.

As you can see, I didn’t get where I wanted to be in April, which then started causing some stress for me, added on top of 10-12 hour workdays.  I was starting to sink down into a shell and actually thought about not blogging at all in the month of May.  Just give myself a break.  But then along came Natalie Sisson and her 15 day Blog Challenge and I had to try.

So the first question of the challenge is, What is Your Daily Success Plan?  Which got me to thinking, what do I do and I realized that for the last couple of weeks while I was sinking into my shell…..I wasn’t following my best game plan.  I work best by following a ritual that includes getting up no later than 5:15am.   But lately, I’ve been tapping the snooze button, which then throws everything off.

Daily Success Plan

My Daily Success Plan includes getting up at 5am.  On the wall opposite my bed is my daily mantra : Thank you for the Challenges, Opportunity and Beauty of this Day.  A little bit of coffee, some time with the cats (they demand their food first) a little bit of yoga and then writing.  That’s it.  Nice and simple, but it gets my day going the right way.

That’s my Daily Success Plan and my goal for May is to remember that.  What’s your Daily Success Plan?