Trying something new for Fridays and I hope you’ll enjoy it:  Creativity Prompts.  This is for artists of all mediums, whether it’s writing, painting, mixed media, etc.  Creativity prompts can work for anyone.

A Creativity Prompt to Inspire You on UnfoldAndBegin.com

In school, I used to hate being told to write what I know.  I know a lot (or is it that I’m a Know It All?)  I always thought it was the worst way to tell me to write anything.  So over the years, I found different ways to start writing.  First, of course, is to keep a notebook–which has come in handy over the years.  But sometimes that well runs dry when I’ve either used everything or nothing intrigues me at that point in time.  So I started looking online for inspiration.  And except for quotes–which start a lot of my Wednesday Whoa posts–I don’t find much that interests me.

There are a lot of story prompts, usually a first line or a scene which you then continue writing.  But I’m not really looking for story prompts and anyway, this is the exact opposite of write what you know.  Now it’s too specific.  I’m looking for something that falls in between the two.  And I’m done with searching for blog prompts because usually, I find ones that tell me to describe the contents of my purse.  Definitely not what I’m looking for in a creativity prompt!

I thought that if I love creativity prompts, then other people will too  So, each Friday, you will find a picture, or a quote (or who knows,) that I hope you will use as a springboard for your art–whether that’s a blog post, a story, a painting, a poem or some form of mixed media art. Whether it turns into a full piece for you or just keeps the creative juices flowing, I hope you have fun with it.  You can check out my previous post Use Your Imagination where I discuss creativity and using your imagination to keep the inspiration going.

I will also participate, and to keep myself honest, I’ll share what I create.  I say create because even though I write, I don’t want to tie myself down to just one art form.  I hope you’ll share with me as well.  You can do that through the comments or share it online through your own post or website and then link back to me so I can see what you’ve created.  You can keep it to yourself too, but I hope you share. I’ll be sharing my pieces through my newsletter.  If you are interested in seeing more, you can sign up below.

Because it’s almost Halloween, here is your first prompt:

Doll Head Creativity Prompt on Unfold and Begin

I hope you have fun with it and don’t forget to share!