I came across a video the other day.  It was of a girl–Zina Nicole Lahr–whose passion to create something out of nothing was so intense, that she did it all of the time, her room was filled with the evidence.  She even thought of herself as a canvas and created her look everyday.  It was a totally unique and awesome look!  I’m inspired by the sheer joy she showed in all that she created.

I was amazed by her staggering creativity and heartbroken to discover such a talent after she was already gone. Keep her spirit alive by appreciating the sheer force and brilliance of her creative compulsive disorder.

And while you’re at it, you can check out the Vimeo page of Stormy Pyeatte, she was Zina’s friend and created this video for her friend to get on a reality show.  Zina got the spot for the show, but turned it down to return home and take care of her Grandmother who had cancer.  It was while at home, that she died in a hiking accident.

I also encourage you to check out Karma Tube, where I originally found the Creative Compulsive Disorder video.  Their simple motto is: Watch.  Be Inspired.  Act.