There are a lot of movies that I don’t like, but one stands out in my mind.  Citizen Kane is not for me!  I hated it for all the reasons that it’s critically acclaimed. The camera angles, the lighting, the boring script.  I took a film class in school and was forced to watch this movie.  Worse, I had to write a paper about it. As you may guess, my paper was not glowing.  From the moment Kane gasped out “Rosebud” until the very last line, I found it difficult to keep my eyes open for this snooze fest.  What sweet relief when the last line was uttered in the movie and it was over.

In honor of that last line relieving me from my torture, I’ve decided to use it as this week’s creativity prompt.  It’s so simple, it’s perfect:  “Throw that junk in, too.” The line was spoken by Raymond, the butler and it’s when we finally realize what Rosebud stood for….and of course, it meant the movie was over!

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