We all have favorite books.  Books that we go back to time and again.  The story and the characters touched us in some way and keep drawing us back.  There are a lot of books that I go back to, mysteries and suspense that I shared with my sister Joni.  Or fantasy and science fiction that I shared with my brother Jon.  And it’s to one of these, that I shared with my brother that I’m thinking of today.  How can you not be intrigued by a sentence that ends with, “…the central heating in his belly not functioning as it should be?”

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Earlier this week I read a post from A. J. Sefton called Pulling Us In: Opening Lines.  It was about some of the best first lines in books.  And while I agreed with many of them, I noticed one that was missing.  It’s not from some best seller, but from a fantasy by Mary Brown.  The Unlikely Ones.  This first line draws you into this book.  And after reading the book you will say, it was so unlikely, what a perfect title.  So I ask you, in what direction will you take this first line?

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