I’m always on the lookout for unusual unique holidays and stumbled across one I’ve never heard of before.  Celebrate Your Name Week.  It runs from March 1st to the 7th and different days of the week focus on name origins, unique names, namesakes and name meanings.  Sounds interesting.

What's in a Name? - www.unfoldandbegin.com

What’s in a Name? – www.unfoldandbegin.com


I’ve always been fascinated by names and their meanings.  In High School, when I thought I would be a novelist, I used to keep a list of names and their meanings.  With no internet back then, I got meanings for names the old fashioned way–in the back of a dictionary.  I still own the one in which I underlined all the names I liked.   I also added names that weren’t found in the dictionary, names I found in other books and liked.  I even had a pen name picked out:  Shannon Carrie Michaels.   Why a pen name?  I was extremely shy back then, and the thought of writing under my own name was really scary….look at me now. (Ha!  It’s still scary!)

I also went through a time when I didn’t like my own name, Jennifer—especially when everyone in my family had a name that started with J.  So I collected names and imagined what my life would be like without a J name.   How about you, did you ever wish for a different name?