I love to play cards.  Setback and Cribbage are two of my favorites that I grew up with.  The games are big in my family and many weekends have been spent in small and large groups around the table, playing cards.  We laugh, joke, act serious and then laugh again.  Even my mother, in her 90’s, still gets together to play cards with her friends on a weekly basis.

Fill in the________________

But Cards Against Humanity isn’t my mother’s kind of game.  It really is, as stated on their site, a game for horrible people.  If you’re into political correctness, then this game is not for you.  If you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, then this game is not for you.  If you’re looking for good, clean fun, then this game is definitely not for you!  I guess I must be one of those horrible people because this game makes me laugh.

Cards Against Humanity comes with black cards and white cards.  The black cards are questions and the white cards are the answers. One person, known as the Card Czar, picks a black card and reads it out loud.  The other players then select one of their 10 white cards to supply an answer.  There are questions like Why can’t I sleep at night? or What don’t you want to find in your Kung Pao chicken?  The laughter is in the answers that you choose to go with those questions.  Answers like Dead Parents,  Butt Stuff, or Eating Tom Selleck’s mustache to gain super powers. The goal is to select the card that you think the Card Czar will pick as the funniest.

The great thing about the creators of this guide?  They made a free version.  If you don’t have the money to buy the starter pack or if you live in one of the countries that it’s not for sale yet, you can download a file to print out the cards yourself.   The expansion packs are not free, but the starter pack is.

A game of horrible answers for horrible people.  Like I said, I’m one of those horrible people because I laugh.  So do other people.  Check out this You Tube video of the ladies of Downton Abbey playing the game.  Or go to GamenGuide to find several videos of different people (Seth Rogan on one game, the cast of Glee in another.)  And, if you’re a little horrible like me, then you’ll laugh with your friends.