I can’t change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination
Jimmy Dean

Yes, that Jimmy Dean.  Singer and Sausage King.  Did I ever tell you that the day I was born the number one song in the nation was Jimmy Dean’s Big Bad John?  Yep.  And did you know that he gave Jim Henson his first big break on the Jimmy Dean Show?  Yep.

But it’s interesting to note that Jimmy Dean was almost cut from Columbia records because he hadn’t had a hit in years.  And then came Big Bad John.  It was Number 1 for the entire month of November in 1961.

I think Jimmy Dean adjusted his sails quite often.  He was a singer, an actor and a sausage king.

Many of us don’t just have one act in us.  If we’re traveling down one path and job loss or something else changes the trajectory of your pass, we can adjust.  We have the ability to change.  We can make adjustments.  We can start over again.  And we can either do it along the same path or by changing directions.

Here are some ideas on how to Bounce Back After Job Loss.