While my husband and I were in Boston this past weekend, we found the treasure of Boston.  She is 92-year old Patricia “Pat” Bartevian.  We found her opening her store, Bartevian Inc, a treasure trove of memorabilia, old jewelry, knickknacks, furniture and history that can be found on Boylston St., near Poe Square.

Bartevian inc

My husband fell in love with Pat.  She is 92 and her family has been running Bartevians for 104 years.  Her sister, who died in her 80’s, painted the angels on the ceiling.  The shop takes things on consignment and sells them and it’s now run by a family trust.  Bartevians was also very active in raising funds for the new Poe sculpture that was unveiled in Boston this week.

Pat Bartevian

Pat Bartevian points to Angels her sister painted on the ceiling

Pat has many stories to share of her and her sister Priscilla when they traveled the country during World War II as the Hickory Sisters, playing guitar and singing. When they were done with the road, they returned to Boston and took over the shop from their father.  Pat’s sister died, but a picture of her stays on the counter and she points to Priscilla’s picture as she tells her stories.

angels on ceiling

Angels painted by Priscilla Bartevian

If you look up Pat Bartevian online, you will find many links, articles, and YouTube videos.  You can find one article in Ianyan Magazine and another in Boston Magazine. Both are wonderful tributes to a woman that, as soon as you meet her, makes you feel like you’ve known her all your life.