There are a lot of great lines in Wonder Woman and you might think that I would pick, “I am the man who can.”  It’s a great line, too.  But there is one that is far better.  It doesn’t really look like it is at first, but under the surface of this line, there is a lot of meaning.  The best quote from Wonder Woman is, “No.  But it’s what I’m going to do.” How powerful.

The quote is from Diana to Steve after he tells her that she can’t save everyone and that it wasn’t what they came there to do.  Yeah, I know that I didn’t come here to do that, but I’m going to do it anyways. That’s what she basically said.  And she did and in doing so inspired all the men around her because she didn’t let Steve tell her what she could or could not do.

How many times in our lives have we been told we can’t do something?  Women, especially, hear that being said to them more than men.  This line reminds us that we can do what we want.  And hopefully, it inspires a new generation of women.

Actually, I think it already has, and not just the women.  Patty Jenkins, the Director of Wonder Woman sent out a tweet of a picture that she received.  It was a listing of kindergarten reactions to the movie.  The movie had an impact on both boys and girls.  From a boy saying he wanted to replace his Iron Man lunchbox with a Wonder Woman lunchbox to a girl telling her teacher that the movie was better than Frozen.

Now that’s an inspiration.  What does this quote inspire you to write? Do you have a different best quote from Wonder Woman?

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