I found a new group of people to hang out with, other boomer bloggers.  While I can’t claim to be the best, I think this group is pretty great and they let me join!  Each week one member takes a turn sharing posts from the other group members.  The best of Boomer Bloggers found here is my first week doing it and I hope you enjoy this new edition on my blog.

First up, we have Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty   Tom was roaming around the Internet this past week and found an interesting tidbit, which he covers in There’s a Generation Z — Who Knew? He tells us a little bit about this cohort of kids and reflects on what it means for our own baby boom generation.

Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting does not want to live in the big city – New York City – but finds visiting the Big Apple a fun, invigorating experience. Baer met friends in Manhattan, and they enjoyed lunch and a show. Read about her impressions of the city in A Day in the Big Apple.

Laura Lee Carter of Adventures of the New Old Farts has been stuck on a trip down memory lane this week.  First, she spent last weekend visiting with old friends up in Fort Collins Colorado and then she received a save-the-date notice about an upcoming 45th! high school reunion. All quite thought-provoking!

Carol Cassara at A Healing Spirit dug back in her writing archives and discovered a piece she wrote 20 years ago after a friend died. She was surprised to discover that, even those many years ago, she sought greater meaning in her life.  When A Loss Leads to Discovery.

Rebecca at Baby Boomster is looking for things to do.  The holidays are right around the corner and cities have events and festivities planned. Here are Rebecca Olkowski’s favorite things to do for the holidays in Los Angeles.

And finally, because this is Thanksgiving week, I opened up the vault and pulled out a post from last year.  I needed to remind myself that there were still plenty of things to be grateful for last Thanksgiving.  You can read about it in What Do I have to be Grateful For?

I hope you enjoy all these posts and perhaps find new bloggers to follow.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.