It appears that March does roar in like that figurative lion.  A huge storm blew into New England at the end of last week and it looks like another is about to strike this week.  Turns out the best of the Blogging Boomers bluster into March alongside that lion while getting book-ended by two Nor’easters!  So bundle up everyone and enjoy reading some of these fantastic blogs.

First up, Tom Sightings offers a lifetime of wisdom and experience on the issue of weight loss, in his latest post he confidently calls How to Lose Weight … Guaranteed! While we cannot personally vouch for his approach, we must admit that he has an original approach to the topic. So belly up to Sightings Over 60 and see if he has any ideas that would be helpful to you.


Rebecca Olkowski of Baby Boomster wants to put a little art and color in your life.  She has been collecting photos of Los Angeles street art and put them all together into a post.  It was a way of distracting her from being glued to the news.  Hope you enjoy them.


Someone else cooking and serving.  Lounge chairs by the pool.  Free entertainment.  This week the allure of a cruise found Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting on a ship on the deep blue sea.  Observing fellow passengers she had an eye-opening discovery about a current American epidemic.  Read about her experience in Cruising Carnival.


Laura Lee over at Adventures of the NEW Old Farts decided to bring back an old essay of her on divorce when she received a great comment about her new post on how grief comes in many forms.


While other ancient cultures revered their elders, in ours it’s popular to try to deny aging.   It’s time to remove the stigma associated with aging says Carol Cassara at A Healing Spirit.


Summer in the Southern Hemisphere has gone but with Australia having the highest rate of melanoma and skin cancer, Sue Loncaric from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond has found How Taking a Selfie could save your life.  Read about a novel way to keep track of changes in your skin and don’t forget to make an appointment for a mole scan.


And finally, this past week, I interviewed Cherie who quit her nursing job in her 40’s in order to move to a new country with her husband.  In How Love Made Her an Expat, read about Cherie and the whys behind her decision.
I hope you enjoy this week’s selections.  Perhaps with some hot tea or chocolate if you’ve been experiencing this cold and blustery weather!