Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.
Joel A Barker

Are you just passing the time?

If you have goals (a vision) but do nothing about it then it’s all just a dream.  Thinking up your goals is not achieving them (unless thinking is your only goal.)

If you’re all action without a goal then all you might be doing is working to work.  But what are you doing with the money that you make?  Do you have plans for a house or a big vacation or giving it to charity?  Or do you just go to work, come home and eat, watch TV, sleep, and then do it again the next day?

You need to combine action with your goals or vision in order to move forward to achieving them.  The actions should go along with the goal.  There is no sense in having a goal of buying a house and then spending all your money on a luxurious vacation.  The actions must follow the goal.

That’s why vision boards can be so helpful.  If you see what you are working towards on a regular basis, it helps keep the goals at the front of your mind.  It’s why I like using the portable vision board because it can go with me.  It’s also why I remind myself that keeping the vision or goal in mind really does work.  Really want to buy that new car, but a discounted cruise became available?  If discounted cruises are also part of my vision board, then maybe it’s something to consider.  But if it’s not, a quick look at my vision board reminds me of what I am working towards.

What are you working towards?  Is it at the front of your mind every day or is it getting lost?