September is quickly coming around the corner and I recently learned that September is also National Self-Improvement month.  I created a quick guide for self-improvement in September to share with you.  It’s in a calendar format that you can print out and hang up to easily view.  Some are easy steps and can be done when you want to.  Others, like scheduling a mani/pedi need planning to get an appointment.

The best way to use the calendar is to read it all first.  Find out where you might need to make plans in advance or buy tools (like a coloring book and crayons!)  Below is the calendar and here is a link to the September Self-Improvement calendar so you can print it out as a PDF.

You might look at this calendar and think that some items (like getting a massage) are more about self-care than self-improvement.  But I strongly believe that feeling good about yourself and learning how to relax are things that we all need to improve upon. If you take care of yourself then you are open to learning new things.  If you are less stressed you’re able to better focus on your plans and you’ll be able to avoid burn-out.  All important goals to reach for in order to improve your life.

September Self-Improvement Calendar on UnfoldAndBegin.com