I’m doing something unusual on the blog today – posting on a Sunday instead of a Monday. But it’s Mother’s Day so I thought I would pay tribute to mom by compiling a Mother’s Day look at Mommyisms.  Mommyisms are those things that only a mother could say and in most cases…only my mother!

The post that started it all was Mommyisms:  Funny Things My Mother Said.  This post was actually about those things that most mothers say.  That includes this mother!  If you’re a Mom, I’m sure you’ll find something in here that you said at least once, like “Because I said so, that’s why!”

In Part II of Mommyisms: Funny Things My Mother Said, I share those things that could only have come out of my Mother’s mouth.  Read this if you want to know what Richards and Pussy Willows have in common.  And read this if you want to know the secret to long life.  I wrote this post on my Mother’s 98th birthday.  She’ll turn 99 in August.

And last but not least, comes this set, Laugh With These 3 New Mommyisms.  These are all recent but are all instant classics.  They truly could not have come from anyone but my Mother.  Read this one to find out about her discussion with President Lincoln. You can also learn why there won’t be any pies at her funeral.

I hope you enjoy reading these and I hope it reminds you to take the time to laugh with your own Mother.  Or create these types of moments for your own children to remember.