Since 1991, I’ve walked into the same office, week after week, in order to do my job.  All that ends on March 24th and a new life/career starts.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about the number of years I’ve been here and thought I would compile it all.  So here is a lifetime of work by the numbers.


The total number of years I will have worked for Verizon Wireless (although, when I started, it was with a small company called Metro Mobile.)


The number of years that I was a Supervisor.  After two years, I successfully lobbied to have the first Technical Support team created in 1994 and led that team for 4 years.


I was a Representative for 1 year prior to becoming a Supervisor.


Total number of Directors that I’ve reported to in those 25 years.


Total number of years as Manager


Total number of times my title changed, but the role did not.  (General Manager, Group Manager, Associate Director, Senior Manager.)


The number of years that I was in a job share role.  I worked 25 hours per week and the person I called my better half at work also worked 25 hours per week.


The total number of years I’ve been managing the Operations Department,  My last role before I leave the company.


The number of cell phones (before there were Smart Phones, there were Cellular Phones) I saw before I started working at Metro Mobile.


The total number of years that I wanted Writer to be my career.

With the call center closing, I’m now getting that opportunity to focus on writing as my next career.  It’s a little bit scary and a little bit exciting.  Something new.  The reason why I stayed at Verizon for so long is because I was never bored.  The industry changed and grew so much in these past twenty-five years that it was always new, always changing, always fun and exciting.  Here’s hoping the next 25 years will be just as fun and exciting.