Arrh!  Time for a fun post!

Friday, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  It was started by John Baur and Mark Summers back in 1995.  After convincing Dave Barry to write about it in his syndicated column, Pirate Daytalking like a pirate took off.  You can visit their website at Talk Like a Pirate Day where you’ll find a Pirate to English (or German or Dutch) dictionary, links to a Pirate Name Generator and even an interactive map where you can find events to celebrate and get your pirate on!

In the meantime, start warming up with these words that will help you sound like a pirate.

1.  Ahoy.  Easy enough, it’s a way to say hello.

2.  Arrr!  This is the preferred form by the Talk Like a Pirate mateys.  But I prefer Arrgh!  The word has many meanings, it can be punctuation to almost any pirate sentence, but usually it’s used to convey frustration and can a substitute for any expletive that comes to mind.

3.  Bilge Rat.  Bilge Rat is the worst insult a pirate can give to anyone.  The bilge is the lowest, slimiest part of the ship and a rat is a rat.  To be a Bilge Rat is to be the lowest and slimiest of all the Rats.

4.  Grog.  Alcohol (usually associated with Rum, but any alcohol will do these days.)  This is an important pirate term to know if you’re going to be celebrating this day in a bar!

5.  Lubber.  Someone who doesn’t go to sea, as in a Land Lubber.  So are you a Land Lubber talking Pirate today?

I hope you have fun.  And don’t forget to play along with Google and Facebook, both will have Pirate as a language option.