Trying something new isn’t just about what you get up and do, it’s also about learning new things and that’s what I did this weekend when I learned about 25 creative sculptures.

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I came across a popular online list called “25 of the Most Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around the World.”  The list had some that I’ve seen pictures of before like the Freedom Sculpture in Philadelphia, PA (although the article refers to it as the Break Through From Your Mold sculpture.)


But, for the most part, I hadn’t heard of or seen most of them, so I had to learn more!

Several of the sculptures were reminders of war, including The Shoes on the Danube Promenade, which is a Holocaust memorial.  There is another one that looks to be a World War I depiction of the Battle of Gallipoli, but I cannot find information on it, possibly because the name in the article is more of a description than a name: “A Scene From the World War with Real-Size Statues, in Eceabat, Turkey.”  There is the Knotted Gun, which is a sculpture that sits in front of the UN in NYC.  It’s part of the Non-Violence Project and was made after John Lennon was murdered.  But one that represents peace and nuclear disarmament is the most interesting because it’s a shark.  Called the Headington Shark, it’s located in Oxford England and still appears to be embedded into a roof.

Not all of the sculptures are of war.  Some are just plain fun like The Rundle Mall Pigs in Adelaide, Australia.  Not only are there pigs in the mall, but one of them is named Truffles, which I think is brilliant!   There are two that might be considered scary including the Tate Spider in London, England and the Black Ghost in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

I’m still trying to learn about some of the other ones.  I hope you find this interesting too and start doing your own research.  Learning something new in the process.  Enjoy.