My Hair is Filled with Cowlicks on UnfoldAndBegin.com

My hair is filled with cowlicks and kinks and the longer it gets the more wild it becomes.  The ten minutes that short hair takes in the morning becomes thirty minutes or more.  Some days, after spending those thirty minutes, I end up with a mess of hair that just keeps falling in my face and I just feel like putting my glasses on and walking out looking like Cousin It.

Even as I fight with my hair everyday, I love it too……or at least I learned to love it.  I’ve come to regard it as my best accessory.  I’ve had it short and long and red and brown and blonde.  I’ve had it straight and curly and also whatever the hair felt like doing. My hairdresser once asked me which side I part my hair on and I said it depended on the hair.  Someday soon it wants to be parted on the right, some days on the left.  I’ve learned that I can save some time on the hairstyle if I just go with the flow and let it part on the side that it wants to.

My hair used to be a traumatic experience for me in middle school and high school, now it’s only minor heartburn.  What’s your hair trauma?